Announcing the winner of the Popfax winter 2015 contest!

Popfax is pleased to announce the winner of the winter 2015 contest, “The most original Christmas greetings fax” sent via Popfax faxing tools.

Earlier last week, Popfax announced the end of its winter promotion. During this promotion Popfax also ran a contest in which customers could send a Christmas greeting using one of the Popfax fax sending features including, web fax, mail to fax, Popfax printer-driver or the Popcompanion mobile fax application. Participants had the chance to win an iPad.
Today we’re happy to announce the winner of the contest: Julien Naud, from France, who sent the image most optimized for faxing. This is a great example of the kind of corporate greetings fax a company can send to its customers on any occasion.

POPFAX would like to congratulate Julien Naud, who wins an iPad, with which he can keep on using Popfax anytime and anywhere!

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Hq Resolution Online Faxing Gives Your Marketing Campaigns a New Chance

Popfax demonstrates that faxing is not only still alive in companies, not only one of the few direct marketing media that manages a rate of almost 100% read messages, but also that faxing (properly used within the Popfax environment) is the proper media for sending your high quality campaign images.

Everybody thinks that direct marketing is better than faxing because of the prejudice that the fax image won’t reach the target audience. Popfax online fax provider tried to change, considering that if the user picks the right design for the massage image, uses the Popfax professional tools to convert it into black and white and the Popfax algorithm, the results can reach the astonishing quality.

faxapp fax_quality

Digital document content can vary from plain text to image-only, and everything in between. Popfax provides its customers with the possibility to choose the most appropriate fax conversion depending on the content. When sending faxes, customers can choose between two document conversion modes:

·         “Black & white thresholding”: This option is more adapted to text content, so that the readability of the text is improved.
·         “Grey and colors dithering”: This document conversion algorithm renders colors and greyscale via black and white dot patterns with different densities, retaining the look and feel of colors and gray zones for pictures and logos, but at the price of reduced text readability.

Both options are exclusive of each other, the overall fax content design might have to be optimized for either one or the other of the conversion algorithms.

Fax quality in terms of image resolution depends on the capabilities of the sender’s and of the receiver’s equipment: the initial discussion between the two fax machines picks the highest resolution within the set of mutual capabilities. From this perspective, Popfax fax servers provide the highest level of standards and compatibility with all types of receiving fax machines.
By default, Popfax sends in fine resolution. Fine mode fax is 204 x 196 dpi. If the receiver has the same resolution available, they will receive the fax in fine resolution. If the receiver can only receive in low/normal resolution, then they will receive their fax in low/normal resolution.

For text messages it is recommended to use the “Black & White thresholding” method, which is the default option. However, for the needs of a specific campaign it might need to fax a detailed photo or image. In this case, use “Grey & Colors dithering”, but expect the fax to take longer to transmit than average. To lower the sending time, try to optimize the content to keep the image weight (after conversion) below 50KB. An estimated transmission time is given at conversion in the accounts of Popfax Faxmailers.

Nearly all companies are using the fax services, which makes fax mailing a universal B2B direct marketing resource, and potentially the most efficient! About 98 % of faxes received are read, as there are no (or very few) anti-spam filters. Users can use fax mailings to broadcast information to the existing clients (newsletters, launches of new features, surveys, etc.) or to search for new potential clients.

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How to Send Faxes Online in a Few Clicks

How to get a fax number?

-Popfax provides everybody with a local fax number for receiving fax to email. There is no difference between the fax number provided by and the classical fax machine number.

-This number is personal, it can be held indefinitely by extending the subscription period.

Where and when to send faxes with

-It is possible to receive and send faxes at any time, Popfax service is available 24/7.

-Users can send faxes from any country in the world only by accessing the account via an Internet connection. service does not require any Software installation. It works, following subscription, with all operating systems.


Is it possible to receive faxes from abroad?

-Yes, the numbers provided by have no usage restrictions. See International dialling rules when dialling from abroad.

How to send a new fax?

-A fax can be sent from the online account very easily. Simply indicate the fax number destination and select from the computer the document that has to be sent. Before sending the fax check the object, the content and the layout of your document and send.

Fax mailing

Companies that want to send a lot of important fax mailings (more than 10,000 faxes per month) can sign a specific contract and benefit from a customized technical and commercial interface.

Is it possible to send a fax to several recipents at once?

-The “mail to fax” option enables sending of a file by fax to several recipients (from 1 to 500). “Send Only” package includes “mail to fax” option.

Is it possible to send 10 to 20 faxes per day.

-The user interface makes fax sending one by one very easy and is user-friendly enough to easily facilitate the sending of ten or twenty or so faxes per day.

Is it possible to integrate into another applications?

-It is possible to integrate solution in any environment with email application and send simple or multiple faxes all over the world.

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How to send faxes online?

What is my fax number?

  • We provide you with a local fax number for receiving your fax to email. There is no difference between the fax number provided by and the classical fax machine number.
  • This number is personal, you can hold it indefinitely by extending your subscription period.

Where and when can I send and receive faxes with

  • You can receive and send faxes at any time, our service is valid 24/7.
  • You can send your faxes from any country in the world you just need to access your account via an Internet connection.
  • service does not require any Software installation. It works, following subscription, with all operating systems.


Can I receive faxes from abroad?

  • Yes, the numbers provided by have no usage restrictions. See International dialling rules when dialling from abroad.

How do I send a new fax?

  • You can send a fax from your online account very easily. You simply have to indicate the fax number destination and select from your computer the document you want to be sent. Before sending the fax check the object, the content and the layout of your document and send.

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Editing, signing and sending faxes

  Nowadays, signing documents is very important for each business. Yet there are still a lot of businesses which use documents signed on paper, breaking the online workflow.

Now, Popfax created a new feature, which gives users the possibility to edit, sign fax digitally and send fax documents online, via a web interface, in just several clicks, thus saving time and
helping the environment.

In order to benefit from this function, users must purchase the Option Pack.

This guide shows you how easy it is to edit, sign and fax documents with Popfax.

Documents signing and editing – Make a fax editable

Documents signing and editing is a folder in the customer account that contains editable documents.

Whenever you need to edit a fax, you can now do it quickly and easily straight from the Popfax account, selecting the necessary fax and clicking on the Edit button.

When selected 2 or more faxes, they will be merged into one single editable document.

You will be informed through a popup that the selected fax(es) will be copied to the PopFiles folder in order to become editable. By default, the system will assign your editable document a name, which you can modify on this popup.

Documents signing and editing – Add a new editable document

In the Documents signing and editing folder, you can add a new editable document:
by clicking on the Add new Document button, or by uploading it from your device (if the device file system can be browsed), or by creating it from scratch on a blank A4 page, or
by uploading it via email.

The following formats are supported: DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, ODT, ODS, SXW,

To upload your files by email, you must send an email to from the email address you registered at Popfax. Subject and body of the email should be empty. If you send
more than one file, the files will be merged into one document.

All uploaded files are converted into the fax format prior to becoming available in the PopFiles folder. Processing of files may take 1-2 minutes.

Signature creation
Signature creation folder is placed next to the Popfiles folder.

Digital Signature can be added in 4 different ways:
-By drawing it directly in the Popfax interface- the draw feature allows you to draw your signature with the pointing device or the the finger on touch screens.
-By uploading it by email – You can upload your signatures by sending an email with an image attached to from the email address you registered for your Popfax account. Subject and body of the email should be empty.
-By uploading it from your device – the image file must be one of the following types: JPG, PNG, GIF and the maximum file size is 8MB.
-By typing it using one of the available fonts.

Edit, sign and fax your document
Let’s assume you want to add your company details and a signuture on a received contract.
To start the process, go to inbox files and open the received document. To add the company information click Edit Button, and the document editor will be opened.

The fallowing operations can be performed:
-Typing the company details (name, address, contact phone number, email, etc.) as free text.
-Inserting a previously saved signature.
-Inserting the current date.

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Popcompanion fax app by Popfax turns your mobile phone into a miniature fax machine.

Receive Faxes and Voicemails:
-Unlimited and free Inbound faxing – get your own fax number in the USA, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany,Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic,Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Hungry,Croatia, Romania and the Republic of Moldova, or port your existing fax number (the fax number portability option is available for the USA, France, Spain and Italy). You can also use your fax number to receive and listen to voice mails.

Send Faxes:
-Send faxes worldwide for only 0.05 €/fax page. Popfax supports a wide range of document formats for faxing: PDF, DOC, XLS, JPG, PPT, ODT,GIF, TIF, TXT, etc. You can send faxes by:
typing the fax content;
– by browsing for your documents in local folder.
– by adding photos from your Camera Roll.
– by taking a picture of a document with your iPhone, adjusting it and faxing it (scan & fax).
– or by forwarding a received/sent fax from your inbox/outbox.

Other useful faxing features
-Forward faxes to email.
-Group faxes into folders.
-Customizable cover page.
-Easily manage your personal contacts using both Phone and Popfax contacts;
-Send SMS’s…

Use the Popcompanion mobile faxing application either by:
-Subscribing to an embedded 7 days free trial period.
– Activating an account using an activation code. Please contact us at to see how you can obtain one.
– Or by purchasing a 1 year subscription, which includes the Option Pack, 50 fax pages to send and free and unlimited fax reception for only 64.99GBP per year.

Now your business communications can fit in your pocket!

Advantages of Version 4.0.0
-Document Editing and Signing
-Edit documents by adding signatures, text and dates.
– Edit and sign existing faxes, both  sent from or received on your account, and resend them to any fax number.

– Create editable documents from a picture taken with the camera (by selecting it from the photo library) or from documents you have in other applications (by using the “Open with” function).
– Create signatures by drawing,taking a picture or selecting a photo with a signature from your photo library. Or use signatures previously saved in the “Signatures”section of your Popfax account.
– Adjust and crop signatures.
-Send edited documents by fax.
– All these functions can be used in offline mode.
– Multiple Attachments, user can attach up to 3 files to a fax.
– Background checking for new faxes.
– Improved UI and UX.
– Bugs fixed.
– Improved speed and memory use. Make use of ARC.

Popfax is constantly improving its service and products, so we would appreciate your feedback. Please send us your suggestions, problems and questions on:

Advantages of Faxinternetservice

Why Faxinternetservice:

Instant activation of the fax service

Cost-effective fax solutions

All-inclusive fax plans

Fax from email anywhere & anytime

No fax machine, paper, toner and busy lines

Secure and private


Faxinternetservice features:

Dedicated new fax number

Posibility to port your existing fax number

Free fax pages included

Free & unlimited fax reception

Digital fax archiving

Send all types of documents

Send & Receive your faxes anywhere and anytime with our all-inclusive monthly offers.

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