Popfax achievements over 2013

During 2013, Popfax the online fax provider has continued to provide an increasing number of companies and public authorities all over the world with access to a fast, easy and trustworthy means of fax communication. Over the last 12 months, remarkable progress has been made in the quality, mobility, reliability and fax service speed.

Increasing entire system capacity: The Memory, Computer Power and Data Storage was doubled or even tripled in order to improve the quality, reliability and speed of the fax service in the future.

To further provide businesses of all sizes with fast and secure online fax service, Popfax has enhanced its entire cloud system – especially in the area of hardware computing power, memory and data storage capacity – to cope with the growth of its customer base, which numbers more than 50,000 professional and corporate fax users.

Expanding the Mobile Fax Application: This allows quickly and easily to scan and fax documents using the Popcompanion mobile app installed on the smartphone, as well as managing messages in offline mode. The Apple version has been upgraded to iOS 7, so that it now supports all devices running iOS 4.3 to iOS 7s.1, no matter if it is an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Enhanced Mobile Site Capabilities: Managing online-fax communication from a smartphone has never been so easy. Thanks to the new features in the Mobile Fax Web interface, users are now able to subscribe to the Popfax internet fax service, try the Popfax service for free and use any secure payment method available on Popfax.com to buy packages, options and sending credits right from the mobile site.

As we see 2013 for Popfax was a productive year helping the company to expand their services, costumers and features. “We expect 2014 to be an important year for Popfax with the sustainable modernization of the service and the implementation of new technologies to provide customers with even more high-performance fax tools in the cloud. We are also launching new offers and monthly packages suitable for businesses of any size ”, says Vladimir POPESCO founder and CEO.


Source: http://www.popfax.com


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