Corporate solutions from Popfax Online Fax

Global account: a set of extranet tools and end user accounts settings that enable centralized management and invoicing of all services.
Custom developments: on request IT customization development of specific features or interfaces by the very same engineering team that developed the system.
Premium support: strong contractual commitments on quality of service, a designated proactive customer project manager and dedicated hardware resources are part of the Popfax Corporate Offer.

Global account

For Corporate Clients that have an internal team responsible for the projects and tools to which services are connected, Popfax offers an extranet tool called “Back Office”via which:
-all end user accounts can be managed and are invoiced in a common account;
-consumption reports (detailed and aggregated) can be retrieved;
-communication with the dedicated PM at Popfax is made easier by using shared space to exchange documents, and messages.

End user account subscriptions are billed globally and the pay per use consumption of all accounts is centralized into one single bill.

 Popfax offers:

Internet fax service for 3.20 GBP/month

-A local fax number

-Unlimited* fax reception

-Send fax worldwide for 0.040 GBP/page

-No fax software installation needed !

-Use your browser or your email to send fax

Replace right away your fax machine and your telecom line subscription




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