5 useful tips to help you get started with Popfax service

Popfax is one of the leading online fax providers, that allows it users to send faxes all over the world in a few seconds.
With its features Popfax users can send fax straight from their smartphone and also receive them in real time.



Send and Receive Faxes online
Your Popfax account allows you to receive and receive faxes:
-from any web-browser
-from the email box connected to your Popfax account
-from desktop of your PC with Popfax printer-driver
-from mobile devices using the mobile site or the mobile application

Organize your faxes
Manage your faxes more efficiently. The Document Management tools allow you to organize, personalise, sign faxes, insert cover page, etc.

Find faxes fast
With Popfax OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature enabled in your Account settings section, you can quickly find the important faxes you need with suggestions based on faxes content, sender’s and receiver’s details.

Registered fax
Certify the sensitive fax content using the “Registered fax” patented system.

Get Popfax on your mobile device
The Popfax Internet Fax Service is available in Popfax official apps for iPhone and iPad as well as for Android devices. It’s easy to scan and fax documents from your mobile device.

source: http://www.popfax.com


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