Ways to send faxes Nowadays

When we say Fax, everybody imagine straight away the fax machine, the noise that it produces and the problems that might appear with the ink, paper, telephone line. e.c.t.

Nowadays the technique goes further and the process of sending fax becomes much easier and more accessible for everyone with the online fax service.

Sending a Fax has never been as easy and pleasant before, because the online fax offers us quite a few ways of Fax sending.

1)From the online fax account-every costumer receives their own online Fax account (which includes a Fax number and their own email) when they register with a fax company.
e.g. Popfax

2)From a Special Application– some online fax companies have their fax software that can be installed on your own computer, e.g. on your Desktop, which allows you to send and receive faxes straight from/on your Desktop, and all the time when your Fax is sent, or you have just received a new fax, you get a notification on your Desktop to let you know the status of your Fax.

3)Another way of sending a Fax is Mail to Fax– You can manage, receive and send faxes directly from your email.
All you need to do is just to set up your email with your fax account.

4)From your smart phone such as iPhone, Blackberry or android– It allows users to send and receive faxes, to manage contacts and folders and get all the faxes in the real time and no matter where you are at that time: at work, home, shopping, driving, in the gym you will never miss a fax.

With online Fax we have more flexibility, more choices of Fax sending, we get all the faxes on time and we have more time left for ourselves. And with the online Fax we pass into a new era, a era when the commodity makes the difference.

Sourse: http://www.popfax.com


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