Online Faxing got even easier and faster.

Send fax features overview:
-Mail to fax, personalized fax sending, secure faxing
-Send fax to multiple recipients at once
-Get notification by Email on each fax transmission
-Customizable cover page
-Optical Character Recognition for all faxes

Send a few pages, credit available for one week
Send 20 pages for 4.00 GBP
*You can add unlimited sending credit

Send Only Packs – One year subscription
Send 100 pages for 16.90 GBP
Send 500 pages for 39.90 GBP
Send 1500 pages for 79.90 GBP
Send 3000 pages for 119.90 GBP , 0.040 GBP/page
*You can add unlimited sending credit

Save money with email to fax offers:
-No fax machine and maintenance costs
-No paper and toner expenditure
-Low cost fax sending rates – check rate per page here
Send fax  using our fax cloud apps
-No setup fee, instant activation

Option Pack Offered
-Mail to fax
-Fax storage (1 GByte)
-SMS sending (0.08 GBP / SMS)
-Contacts grouping
-Personalized fax sending
-Voice mail
-Call transfers
-Conference Call
-Registered fax
-Fax reception at multiple email addresses
-OCR in all faxes

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