Popfax updated its application for Android to Version 3.4

Popfax the Online Fax Provider updated its application for Android which allows its users to create faxes using (camera scan to fax), a better and easier fax organisation and an automatic synchronization of all fax transmissions prepared in offline mode.
Popcompanion for Android meets all the user’s needs to efficiently organize their Internet fax communication. Popfax users can now take advantage of all the Android features for images, documents, smart folders and system browsing of specific online fax operations.
What have changed with the Android Version 3.4:
-The updated fax app for Android allows users to see all their faxes in one place. The Inbox, Outbox and Folders are now grouped in PopfaxBox – to ensure easy access to all faxes locations.


-Large and Multiple file attachments:

Now users can send by fax large files of up to 8MB or attach 3 files at the same time.


Multiple ways of fax creation:
Popcompanion 3.4 for Android supports numerous tools for of fax creation:
-importing files from Android Gallery.
-taking one or several pictures with the camera and then cropping, rotating and adjusting them before sending by fax. (The following file formats are supported by Popcompanion Mobile: DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, ODT, ODS, SXW, ODP, PDF, PS, BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, EPS, RTF, TXT )
-browsing files from any section/folder on the Android device.

Offline mode
For the first time Popcompanion mobile for Android supports the so called “offline mode”. Users can log in to the application offline if they have already logged into the application once while in online. Enhancements that improve usability include:
-Users can queue faxes in offline for sending later when the network is available.
-Users can create contacts in offline mode.
-Users can cache files while in online to access them later while in offline.
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS : The Popcompanion Mobile app supports devices running Android platform versions Android 2.1+

more on: http://www.popfax.com


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