Strategic research solutions for your own business

STRATEGATOR is a collaborative platform that covers most of the areas of business information necessary for you to manage and gain market success.


It combines different sources of information in a single place, so that you can see them at a glance, the added value of STRATEGATOR provides the following features that you can discover only when you register :

-You can save your company search pages (you can watch 10 or more companies simultaneously).
-Monitor the social media movements of the companies you watch.
-Refine your profiles by filtering and setting parameters for each type of information.
-Set email alerts to get informed about the evolutions in the business profiles that interests you.

Our clients are finance professionals, marketing managers, business brokers, entrepreneurs and more generally anyone looking to stay informed about its business without wasting time.


What is the business e-reputation ?
The business e-reputation represents the overview of your brand presence on the web. It covers your brand’s image in the Internet, along with social network feedback concerning the service or product that you provide.

A diverse range of information makes it hard to analyze. Sorting the right data for analysis is key to manage your e-reputation. To monitor your e-reputation efficiently you should focus on the following main aspects:

– Web analytics – analyze your link rank, backlinks to your website, related links,
and hierarchy of your website.

-Search engine results -monitor the positioning and ranking of your website in search
engine results. Check your media coverage and brand visibility across the digital
media sphere.

– Social media – gives you the chance to see what people are saying about your business. Establish a strong
connection and build positive relationships by interacting with social media users.

Setting up an alert tool for those criteria will help you monitor and detect what is said about your brand, where, and in real time, along with your current e-reputation ranking.

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