Free-of-charge service of e-reputation monitoring from Strategator

Strategator the business search service is making some significant changes to its business model enabling free, real-time e-monitoring of competitors, prospects, partners, industries or of the own online.

Strategator sorts and organises business information from different companies which replaces the access dozens of sites, stratefator keeps its users informed (daily, weekly, monthly) with updates on selected and self-filtered categories of business information.

Strategator Service is pleased to announce that since August 2014 its business search engine has become FREE for its users. Business managers, marketing and sales professionals can now create a forever free account and start using Strategator to get structured and real-time business  information and easily monitor the online reputation of companies. To better serve its current and  registered users, Strategator has moved their accounts to Forever Free plan while keeping all their saved  searches and alert settings.

Advantages of Strategator
Strategator keeps professionals aware of their principal competitors’ movements, updates, new products releases, new service launches, acquisitions, expansion to new markets, promotions, etc. Within an account on Competitive intelligence solutions it is possible to perform an unlimited number of searches and set up alerts for up to 10 surveyed companies.
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