Manage your fax mailing campaign efficiently

    Nowadays almost every company is equipped with Fax Machines, which makes fax mailing a universal B2B direct marketing resource, and potentially the most efficient. About 98 % of faxes received are read, there are no anti-spam filters. You can use fax mailings to broadcast information to your existing clients (newsletters, launches of new features, surveys, etc) or to search for new potential clients (by running of a seasonal promotion, for example).

The Popfax online fax mailing offer is a complete and cost-effective solution for your fax mailing campaign, being at once simple to use and efficient… Fax mailing is the only direct marketing tool that allows you to know exactly how many messages were successfully sent.


Popfax professional fax mailing offer includes:

-Easy scheduling of fax mailing for a specific time and day.

-A user-friendly web interface available 24h/24, 7/7 where you can manage your fax mailing campaigns, monitor them in real time, download reports, etc.

-Management of the black list ( to conform with legislation.

-Personalized fax mailing – set personalized fields within your fax to look more professional.

-Automatic management of unsubscribe requests to conform with legislation.

-A statistical report that can be downloaded in real time and at the end of your fax mailing campaign (faxes sent with success, the causes of failures, etc.).

-Page size evaluator – evaluates the average (statistical) duration of your fax transmission, so that you can optimize your fax content for a faster, and thus lower cost, transmission.

-Updated and unduplicated databases for major European countries.

-You can use different formats for your fax content. Click here for more information regarding the supported fax formats.

-If you need help, you can ask for a call back and one of our fax mailing experts will help you to personalize your fax content and optimize your fax mailing campaign.

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