Popcompanion fax app by Popfax turns your mobile phone into a miniature fax machine.

Receive Faxes and Voicemails:
-Unlimited and free Inbound faxing – get your own fax number in the USA, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany,Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic,Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Hungry,Croatia, Romania and the Republic of Moldova, or port your existing fax number (the fax number portability option is available for the USA, France, Spain and Italy). You can also use your fax number to receive and listen to voice mails.

Send Faxes:
-Send faxes worldwide for only 0.05 €/fax page. Popfax supports a wide range of document formats for faxing: PDF, DOC, XLS, JPG, PPT, ODT,GIF, TIF, TXT, etc. You can send faxes by:
typing the fax content;
– by browsing for your documents in local folder.
– by adding photos from your Camera Roll.
– by taking a picture of a document with your iPhone, adjusting it and faxing it (scan & fax).
– or by forwarding a received/sent fax from your inbox/outbox.

Other useful faxing features
-Forward faxes to email.
-Group faxes into folders.
-Customizable cover page.
-Easily manage your personal contacts using both Phone and Popfax contacts;
-Send SMS’s…

Use the Popcompanion mobile faxing application either by:
-Subscribing to an embedded 7 days free trial period.
– Activating an account using an activation code. Please contact us at support@popfax.com to see how you can obtain one.
– Or by purchasing a 1 year subscription, which includes the Option Pack, 50 fax pages to send and free and unlimited fax reception for only 64.99GBP per year.

Now your business communications can fit in your pocket!

Advantages of Version 4.0.0
-Document Editing and Signing
-Edit documents by adding signatures, text and dates.
– Edit and sign existing faxes, both  sent from or received on your account, and resend them to any fax number.

– Create editable documents from a picture taken with the camera (by selecting it from the photo library) or from documents you have in other applications (by using the “Open with” function).
– Create signatures by drawing,taking a picture or selecting a photo with a signature from your photo library. Or use signatures previously saved in the “Signatures”section of your Popfax account.
– Adjust and crop signatures.
-Send edited documents by fax.
– All these functions can be used in offline mode.
– Multiple Attachments, user can attach up to 3 files to a fax.
– Background checking for new faxes.
– Improved UI and UX.
– Bugs fixed.
– Improved speed and memory use. Make use of ARC.

Popfax is constantly improving its service and products, so we would appreciate your feedback. Please send us your suggestions, problems and questions on: http://www.popfax.com.


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