Editing, signing and sending faxes

  Nowadays, signing documents is very important for each business. Yet there are still a lot of businesses which use documents signed on paper, breaking the online workflow.

Now, Popfax created a new feature, which gives users the possibility to edit, sign fax digitally and send fax documents online, via a web interface, in just several clicks, thus saving time and
helping the environment.

In order to benefit from this function, users must purchase the Option Pack.

This guide shows you how easy it is to edit, sign and fax documents with Popfax.

Documents signing and editing – Make a fax editable

Documents signing and editing is a folder in the customer account that contains editable documents.

Whenever you need to edit a fax, you can now do it quickly and easily straight from the Popfax account, selecting the necessary fax and clicking on the Edit button.

When selected 2 or more faxes, they will be merged into one single editable document.

You will be informed through a popup that the selected fax(es) will be copied to the PopFiles folder in order to become editable. By default, the system will assign your editable document a name, which you can modify on this popup.

Documents signing and editing – Add a new editable document

In the Documents signing and editing folder, you can add a new editable document:
by clicking on the Add new Document button, or by uploading it from your device (if the device file system can be browsed), or by creating it from scratch on a blank A4 page, or
by uploading it via email.

The following formats are supported: DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, ODT, ODS, SXW,

To upload your files by email, you must send an email to popfiles@popfax.com from the email address you registered at Popfax. Subject and body of the email should be empty. If you send
more than one file, the files will be merged into one document.

All uploaded files are converted into the fax format prior to becoming available in the PopFiles folder. Processing of files may take 1-2 minutes.

Signature creation
Signature creation folder is placed next to the Popfiles folder.

Digital Signature can be added in 4 different ways:
-By drawing it directly in the Popfax interface- the draw feature allows you to draw your signature with the pointing device or the the finger on touch screens.
-By uploading it by email – You can upload your signatures by sending an email with an image attached to sign@popfax.com from the email address you registered for your Popfax account. Subject and body of the email should be empty.
-By uploading it from your device – the image file must be one of the following types: JPG, PNG, GIF and the maximum file size is 8MB.
-By typing it using one of the available fonts.

Edit, sign and fax your document
Let’s assume you want to add your company details and a signuture on a received contract.
To start the process, go to inbox files and open the received document. To add the company information click Edit Button, and the document editor will be opened.

The fallowing operations can be performed:
-Typing the company details (name, address, contact phone number, email, etc.) as free text.
-Inserting a previously saved signature.
-Inserting the current date.

More on: http://www.popfax.com


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