How to send faxes online?

What is my fax number?

  • We provide you with a local fax number for receiving your fax to email. There is no difference between the fax number provided by and the classical fax machine number.
  • This number is personal, you can hold it indefinitely by extending your subscription period.

Where and when can I send and receive faxes with

  • You can receive and send faxes at any time, our service is valid 24/7.
  • You can send your faxes from any country in the world you just need to access your account via an Internet connection.
  • service does not require any Software installation. It works, following subscription, with all operating systems.


Can I receive faxes from abroad?

  • Yes, the numbers provided by have no usage restrictions. See International dialling rules when dialling from abroad.

How do I send a new fax?

  • You can send a fax from your online account very easily. You simply have to indicate the fax number destination and select from your computer the document you want to be sent. Before sending the fax check the object, the content and the layout of your document and send.

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