How to Send Faxes Online in a Few Clicks

How to get a fax number?

-Popfax provides everybody with a local fax number for receiving fax to email. There is no difference between the fax number provided by and the classical fax machine number.

-This number is personal, it can be held indefinitely by extending the subscription period.

Where and when to send faxes with

-It is possible to receive and send faxes at any time, Popfax service is available 24/7.

-Users can send faxes from any country in the world only by accessing the account via an Internet connection. service does not require any Software installation. It works, following subscription, with all operating systems.


Is it possible to receive faxes from abroad?

-Yes, the numbers provided by have no usage restrictions. See International dialling rules when dialling from abroad.

How to send a new fax?

-A fax can be sent from the online account very easily. Simply indicate the fax number destination and select from the computer the document that has to be sent. Before sending the fax check the object, the content and the layout of your document and send.

Fax mailing

Companies that want to send a lot of important fax mailings (more than 10,000 faxes per month) can sign a specific contract and benefit from a customized technical and commercial interface.

Is it possible to send a fax to several recipents at once?

-The “mail to fax” option enables sending of a file by fax to several recipients (from 1 to 500). “Send Only” package includes “mail to fax” option.

Is it possible to send 10 to 20 faxes per day.

-The user interface makes fax sending one by one very easy and is user-friendly enough to easily facilitate the sending of ten or twenty or so faxes per day.

Is it possible to integrate into another applications?

-It is possible to integrate solution in any environment with email application and send simple or multiple faxes all over the world.

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