Hq Resolution Online Faxing Gives Your Marketing Campaigns a New Chance

Popfax demonstrates that faxing is not only still alive in companies, not only one of the few direct marketing media that manages a rate of almost 100% read messages, but also that faxing (properly used within the Popfax environment) is the proper media for sending your high quality campaign images.

Everybody thinks that direct marketing is better than faxing because of the prejudice that the fax image won’t reach the target audience. Popfax online fax provider tried to change, considering that if the user picks the right design for the massage image, uses the Popfax professional tools to convert it into black and white and the Popfax algorithm, the results can reach the astonishing quality.

faxapp fax_quality

Digital document content can vary from plain text to image-only, and everything in between. Popfax provides its customers with the possibility to choose the most appropriate fax conversion depending on the content. When sending faxes, customers can choose between two document conversion modes:

·         “Black & white thresholding”: This option is more adapted to text content, so that the readability of the text is improved.
·         “Grey and colors dithering”: This document conversion algorithm renders colors and greyscale via black and white dot patterns with different densities, retaining the look and feel of colors and gray zones for pictures and logos, but at the price of reduced text readability.

Both options are exclusive of each other, the overall fax content design might have to be optimized for either one or the other of the conversion algorithms.

Fax quality in terms of image resolution depends on the capabilities of the sender’s and of the receiver’s equipment: the initial discussion between the two fax machines picks the highest resolution within the set of mutual capabilities. From this perspective, Popfax fax servers provide the highest level of standards and compatibility with all types of receiving fax machines.
By default, Popfax sends in fine resolution. Fine mode fax is 204 x 196 dpi. If the receiver has the same resolution available, they will receive the fax in fine resolution. If the receiver can only receive in low/normal resolution, then they will receive their fax in low/normal resolution.

For text messages it is recommended to use the “Black & White thresholding” method, which is the default option. However, for the needs of a specific campaign it might need to fax a detailed photo or image. In this case, use “Grey & Colors dithering”, but expect the fax to take longer to transmit than average. To lower the sending time, try to optimize the content to keep the image weight (after conversion) below 50KB. An estimated transmission time is given at conversion in the accounts of Popfax Faxmailers.

Nearly all companies are using the fax services, which makes fax mailing a universal B2B direct marketing resource, and potentially the most efficient! About 98 % of faxes received are read, as there are no (or very few) anti-spam filters. Users can use fax mailings to broadcast information to the existing clients (newsletters, launches of new features, surveys, etc.) or to search for new potential clients.

More on: http://www.popfax.com


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